Working Sets

Track your working sets, simply

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Less, but better

Working Sets is a minimal and simple workout tracker designed for people looking to build muscle and make progressive size gains.


Custom Templates and Progress Feedback

Working Sets deliberately doesn’t contain presets or existing models, it’s designed to work how you do without ads, privacy invasive activities or clutter.

You can sync with Health to read health data and save workouts without the need for a wearable.

Working Sets learns about your activity securely, on-device, and shows you how much stronger you are week-to-week.


Suggested Sets, Simple Summaries and Calendar Progress

During your workout, any exercise that contains three sets of at least 8 reps at a certain weight will generate a suggested increment of weight for that rep range. If your reps aren’t quite at 8 but you’ve hit the same weight at a few different rep ranges, Working Sets will recommend based on an average.

Post-workout you’ll get a summary which showcases any PRs for that session and your max weight and max rep range per-exercise.

From the main home view you can see your workouts for the month at a glance. Simple!


Home Screen Widgets, Live Activities and Customisation

Customise basic settings such as which days you work out, what day you consider the start of the week, your average rest time, the app’s accent colour and which app icon you prefer.

Also launch Working Sets from your home screen with useful widgets that show either your schedule for the day/week, or your last working session.