A tiny time tracker for your next big project
23 Nov
Production-Ready Animation Library for React | Framer Motion
Designers who prototype in Framer can leverage the power of Framer Motion without touching a line of code, then handoff the animation values to be used 1:1 in production. Try Framer for free
19 Nov
GitHub - mauricekleine/
About Readme
19 Nov
Maurice Kleine
I like to solve problems, in product teams with a strong vision. Sometimes I do this with code, other times by coaching and mentoring the people in those teams. I understand that fast iteration is the key to building amazing products.
19 Nov
$ pscale branch delete beam fix-timestamps ? Please type beam/fix-timestamps to confirm: beam/fix-timestamps
15 Nov
Effective Collaboration with Product and Design
If you had 15 minutes of a developer's time, and your goal was to help them become more effective/productive at their job by teaching them something you've learned, what would you pick? This blog post is my answer to that question.
15 Nov
Craft —
After 10 years of working at large companies with thousands of employees, I recently joined a 10-person startup. It's called Rewind (more) and I am absolutely loving my new role for a lot of reasons.
14 Nov
The Text Method for determining visual hierarchy – The Haystack
A colleague recently came to me with a question about an existing web project that he had “inherited”. His question was about heading levels. HTML only has six, and this project had way more than six.
3 Nov
Designing The Perfect Mobile Navigation UX — Smashing Magazine
When designing navigation on mobile, we don’t have to rely on slide-in-menus or nested accordions. We can also use the curtain and billboard design patterns, and show multiple levels of navigation at once.
3 Nov
Design system interviews - Formaat
That makes sense. And a bit about the design system itself, does it have a name, and what's the story behind it? Our design system is called Atlassian Design System and it is turning ten years old this year!
2 Nov
Should consistency be a goal of design systems? by Amy Hupe, content designer.
It’s becoming increasingly unfashionable to cite “consistency” as a goal for design systems. I’ve seen plenty of design system teams ditching the term in favour of words like “alignment”, “cohesion” or “unity”.
2 Nov
Jony Ive on Life After Apple
I can always write an awful lot that I can’t draw,” Jony Ive, the mastermind behind Apple’s most revolutionary products, says as he holds up a Space Age–style coffee cup. “If I draw this, it only captures certain attributes.” 
2 Nov
Neeva - Ad-free, private search
Neeva does not track your personal information and protects you from trackers. Safeguard your data. How does Neeva make money?
1 Nov
Figma’s Layered Lessons
Clark Van Der Beken / Unsplash 1
30 Oct
How to use Font Optimization in Nextjs 13?
How to use Font Optimizing in Nextjs 13? Nextjs + Google font
30 Oct
expanding sphere of influence.pdf
28 Oct
Team Models for Scaling a Design System
Back in the day, design systems were pretty easy to understand. My day was a cool afternoon in September 2006, and I’d just immersed myself as a designer using’s living style guide (we called it a component library, for the record).
28 Oct
shadcn on Twitter
26 Oct
iA Presenter
Everything you ever wanted A safety net. Just in case.
25 Oct
Vercel Analytics – Vercel
Instead of measuring on your laptop, Vercel Analytics collects webvitals from the actual devices your visitors are using.Draw actionable insights by seeing which pages and source code contribute to your score.
25 Oct
Let me know
24 Oct
How Spotify Organises Work in Figma to Improve Collaboration
Spotify Design recently migrated to Figma. We're excited to open up the music box and describe how we've shaped the tool to suit our needs and culture at Spotify. But in this article, we're not discussing why or how we moved. Instead, this is where we're going to geek out over file structures.
24 Oct
Design System Metrics Collection - Design strategy guide
I created Design System Metrics Collection as an inspiration for what exists and worked for my clients.  Before you choose your metrics, you need to ask yourself: • What kind of impact do you want to achieve with your Design System? 
23 Oct
The Web’s Next Transition | Epic Web Dev by Kent C. Dodds
21 Oct
How to Work With Design Constraints | Jorge Arango
21 Oct
Humane by Design
A resource that provides guidance for designing ethically humane digital products through patterns focused on user well-being.
21 Oct
When life gives you lemons, write better error messages
Error messages are part of our daily lives online.
21 Oct
Tailwind CSS v3.2: Dynamic breakpoints, multi-config, and container queries, oh my! - Tailwind CSS
Well it’s that time again! The time where we quickly go from “I really have no idea what we could even add to a new Tailwind release” to “wow, well this is actually a ridiculous amount of new stuff — we better tag a release before things get completely out of hand”.
20 Oct
Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Raw TranslucentTitleBarApp.swift
20 Oct
Built for scale ⋅ Linear 2022 Release
Linear 2022 Release
19 Oct
Designing for “delight” is dead. The ultimate goal of product design has… | by Alex Klein | Sep, 2022 | UX Collective
18 Oct
GitHub - pacocoursey/next-themes: Perfect Next.js dark mode in 2 lines of code. Support System preference and any other theme with no flashing
An abstraction for themes in your Next.js app. • ✅ Perfect dark mode in 2 lines of code • ✅ System setting with prefers-color-scheme
17 Oct
Gestura Display - Socio Type
Onsite Condensed
17 Oct
A World-Class Code Playground with Sandpack
One of the most important elements in a developer blog or technical documentation is the code playground. Also known as a “sandbox”, this widget lets you edit a code snippet and instantly see the results.
17 Oct
Google Links — a Boost from Browser Co
const query = queryParams().q.replace(/\+/g, ' '); // STEP 3: Comment out, or add, your chosen sites here: const wikipediaLink = '' + encodeURIComponent(query); addLink('W', 'Wikipedia', wikipediaLink); // const redditLink = '
16 Oct
Why your homepage sucks (and what you can do about it)
From a UX perspective, most homepages suck. It’s basically a fact of life.
13 Oct
How to show badge on Tab Bar Item in SwiftUI | Sarunw
You can easily support by checking out this sponsor. Ship your iOS apps faster! CI/CD for iOS and macOS developers.
12 Oct
Design is not a formula, it’s an odyssey: replacing the Double Diamond
Double-Diamond and Design Thinking are inaccurate. There’s a better way to think about process.
12 Oct
DuckDuckGo’s Quest to Prove Online Privacy Is Possible | WIRED
I WAS DRIVING up through Pennsylvania last summer, somewhere along US Route 15 between Harrisburg and Williamsport, when I saw a familiar face: a goofy cartoon duck wearing a green bowtie.
12 Oct
Tana – The Everything OS
The Everything OS. For you. Get ready to cancel half your software subscriptions. Tana's combination of simple concepts lets you build anything.
10 Oct
LN 002: Universal data portability
WIMP: Windows, icons, menus, pointer. This is the interface paradigm we’ve been accustomed to since personal computing began. It was initially developed at Xerox PARC in the 1970s and made popular with the introduction of the Macintosh in 1984.
10 Oct
I’ve been part of Spotify since day one (up until September 2010 when I joined Facebook). The lush green, the dull gray, the innovative user interface — that’s me. I was the head of everything-design — creative & art director, interaction designer and graphic designer as well as shooting both still and moving pictures.
8 Oct