Strip your URLs to super simple domains
Since I’ve been working with frontend code, RegEx (short for Regular Expression) has been a constant and confusing minefield. RegEx has been around since the early 50’s, and with it comes a tonne of power but also a tonne of complexity.
Designing API-first
The power of visualising your API as part of your design process to align the entire team
How to make friends and influence designers
Why every design crit should be presented on slides
Design for handshakes not handovers
Why it's better to shake hands with your developers, than throw your designs over the fence
On creativity as a process for catharsis
The more I listen to our third album, the more I recognise the fact that I wrote it as a form of catharsis.
Rumination, iteration or procrastination
Knowing when to let an idea go and when to not even go there.
Relative seniority
How your title is reflective of your company's stage as well as your level.
Polywork: LinkedIn without the Suits
The future of networking is being built in the open.
Tempo: Designing a product that demands to not be used
Tempo is a minimalist email client, making email simple again
Why every designer should experience customer service
It's common when joining a new company to get thrown straight in at the deep end. Sometimes, it’s better not to.
What I've learnt over the past year
Lessons I’ve learnt over the past year.
Spatial Design
Product Design is a term we use broadly these days to define a designer who creates products.
Why you should reply to automated emails
Reply to those automated emails, you never know what might happen.
The power of Cosmic
Not too long ago I decided to set myself a challenge; create and add new content to my website via a CMS.
Getting DRY with Figma plugins
Solving design problems by building Figma plugins.
What a cult taught me about 'limiting beliefs'
You should never feel like you have no limiting beliefs, but you should always fight to overcome them.
How music, design and code are all the same
I wouldn't say I believe creativity is a gift we're born with. I don't believe my abilities are.
Thinking in design-code
My personal approach on how to think about code from a design perspective and how to implement those changes.
Don’t let your role define you
A practical guide on how to navigate your career when the path you're heading down isn't the one you truly want.
Designing in the open
What I’ve learnt about sharing constantly and live designing with my team.
Code as Design
How development can be learned through a design lens (and how I've managed to do it).
Getting to yes
Why I think designers and developers should learn the basics of sales.
Design as Code
What learning Vue has taught me about the future of design, development and the modern web.
Ten Principles for Good Design
I decided to put together a free, multi-device, minimal wallpaper of Ram's ten principles.
From problem to plugin
Learning Typescript, the Figma API and solving a real personal problem.
‘Users’ are humans
Design is about people, and I've been thinking a lot about the problem of the term 'user'.