Effortless and interfaceless PDF creation.
image of Lazy PDF app in use

Simple and invisible

Effortlessly create a PDF from a set of selected images through an interfaceless system with only the Finder selection UI.

Grab and go

Lazy PDF is deliberately designed to be simple and have a low overhead, to make it easier to grab a set of design files and throw them together into a PDF.

On your terms

Your logical file order is always respected, so number your files if you want to order in sequence, otherwise, move them around afterwards in any PDF viewer.


Respecting your image sizes, Lazy PDF doesn't try to compress everything to printable sizes, ideal for sharing work with teammates and management.

Better than native

macOS' native 1-click PDF creation (left) pushes all files into a printable page collection, Lazy PDF (right) leaves your images alone. Perfect for long design files such as mobile layouts, or ultrawide files when visualising a 21:9 video concept.

How to reach me

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